Aromatherapy reference


Contains phenylpropanes (anything licoricy has this chemical) that acts as an anaesthetic. Useful for convulsions, deep hard coughs, bug bites, stress related allergies, headaches, nerve tonic, uplifting depression, any sort of spasm. Can improve studying by deep breathing. Do not use more than 1 drop on the skin. Dissolves uric acid chrysalis (stones), helps achieve a regular menstral cycle for women. Middle note aroma.


Sedating, makes your skin photosensitive (due to bergaptin). Some forms (FCP) are not but are also not as medicinal. This oil is antibiotic, antiviral, calming. It is used for anorexia, anxiety, and preparing your body to eat by stimulating drool. Described aromatically as a soft top note resembling a light citrus.


Contains Methyl salicylic acid. This chemical has been made famous by Aspirin. It is pain killing. Top note aroma. 


Top Note aroma. Modifier.


Very good mouse repellant contains ketones called Nepata lactones. these lactones can be harmful, so caution must be observed during use. Does not have a good aroma. 


Top note aroma. Modifier.

Citrus Fruits

Emotionally uplifting, bright, happy, astringent, high in terpenes, used to cheer people up, also useful in jet lag, grogginess, pregnancy, and depression. Lime is the cheapest of the citrus fruit essential oils. 

Clary sage

Hormone balancing (internally or aroma), works great for women but also affects males positively. Very calming, if doing some writing or drawing or anything creative as such and you run out of creativity, clary sage is said to help with that. 


Powerful infection fighter and anodyne. Useful orally after brushing teeth. Good for any infection, or pain due to infection, teething babies, lung remedies, diarrhea, digestive infections, and parasite blends.


One of the most astringent essential oil. Woody smell but not the most pleasant. Bass note. 


Great in meditation blends.

Eucalyptus globulus

Contains terpenes, oxides, and ketones, (no alcohol like radiate). makes a better cleaner for households than radiate as it is much stronger. 

Eucalyptus radiata

Most common, contains terpenes, oxides, and alcohol.


Prevents skin cancer, meditative, some naturopaths use it to treat prostate cancer. useful in meditative blends, skin care, and rejuvenating skin blends to protect and restore skin, especially from radiation damage. 


Astringent and uplifting. Top note aroma.

Honey Myrtle

A type of Melaleuca. Contains aldehydes which give it calming properties. 


High in Ketones, Used for Cold sores, antiviral.


Sensai calls it "sex in a bottle". Grandiflora is the most common species, too much smell faecal however. Related to Lilacs, Very expensive oil and often comes diluted to 10%. Stimulates endorphins creating a runners high, and boosts immunity as well as overall general health. The flowers are picked before sunrise to avoid oxidation. It is a true aphrodisiac in every sense of the word, is boosts sperm counts, and helps milk production. 

Juniper berry

Useful for lymphatic detoxification, as well as for circulation. Middle note aroma. 


Sedating, calming, a staple in essential oil stock, analgesic, burns, insect bites, lowers stress induced hypertension, cuts, antibiotic, headaches due to chinook pressure changes, repels insects such as bed bugs, sedating. Contains esters. Top note aroma.


recommended to run through a gas chromatogram because of inconsistencies with this herb. Cheaper than lavender, therefore it is widely used in soap making and perfumes. 

Lavender stoechas

Specialty oil. Can cause headaches due to ketone content. 


Top note aroma. 


Familiar lemony aroma. Has an affinity for the breasts and is also very good for connective tissue.


Top - Middle note.

Marjoram (Oreganum marjoram)

Great for ear infections, muscle blends, and toadd warmth. Marketed as treatment for snoring, my Sensai says any leaf oil will accomplish this. To do this put 1-2 drops in your hands and hold over the face for a few breaths. Egyptian marjoram is high in alpha-terpenin-4-ol which is also found in tea tree oil and is well known as a powerful infection fighter. 


Antiviral, very calming, good to use during anxiety, grief, and stress. This oil is very expensive. It is best steam distilled in small batches. 

Monarda fistulosa (Horse mint) - Smells like oregano because it contains a common ingredient. Powerful infection fighter. Be aware of hybrids that do not have the same medicinal value. Garden centers sell the hybrids generally because they are generally much larger and prettier, however, these are often not the same medicinally. 


Meditative, bitter, astringent, antibiotic. Useful in strengthening gums by keeping them firmans works on cancer sores, useful in vaginal infections and urinary tract infections (UTI). Also a skin preservative. 


only 1 species. Useful for compromised lungs in fragile person. It is a gently lung cleanser, useful in lowering stress induced hypertension. Related to Eucalyptus. The hydrofoil can be used directly in the eye for conjunctivitis as well as allergies affecting the eye. Middle note aroma. 


useful in insomnia, menopausal symptoms, as a euphoric, and to strengthen the hearty chakra.


Astringent. Top note aroma. 


A heavy essential oil that does not evaporate as quickly as most essential oils. Perfect companion herb for cannabis. Covers most negative smells. Very astringent, used on snake/scorpion bites. It is an aphrodisiac and turns off appetite. Useful as a natural deodorant, and makes a great base note for perfumes due to its heaviness and ability to evaporate slowly. Bass note. 


High in Ketones. Used for clogged fallopian tubes, abortifacient, bug repellant.


Stimulates the thyroid which in turn affects metabolism. Great for digestive complaints at 1 drop orally. Good at adjusting temperature due to thyroid stimulation, also useful for jet lag, fainting, any stomach/digestive complaints such as car sickness, indigestion, or stomach flu. Used on bug bites, in lymphatic blends, and sunburns (1 drop for whole burn spot). Be careful when using on rashes as high concentrations can cause more irritation. Top note aroma. Modifier.


Used similarly to eucalyptus, anti-inflammatory, soothing for the lungs. The aroma can be described as a bass note.


Similar chemical profile to eucalyptus. 


raises semen production, revitalizes mature skin, improves microcirculation, and is an aphrodisiac. Rose hydrosol is said to be a cure for hangovers simply by drinking. 


Top note aroma. Circulatory stimulant. 


Middle note aroma. 


Soft bass notes in the aroma. 


Soft, warm action. Very gentle oil. Great if used in blends.

Spike Lavender - Cheaper than lavender due to being a bigger plant therefore producing more oil. Contains no lanalyl-acetate (which Lavender angustifolia does) so has no sedating effect. Very gentle, great for sinus trouble, can be used at 1 drop inside the er canal, however be careful when doing this with essential oils.


Useful as a Helichrysum substitute in wound healing. Has some anti-allergenic qualities. Sense believes this has something to do with mast cells. It will only have noticeable effect if used before subjected to the allergen. Middle note.

Tea tree

Antibiotic, anti parasitic, anti fungal. Useful with food poisoning (with cinnamon also), can be used as a suppository, can be used as a douche diluted. 

Thyme (red)

Very antibiotic, heating, and improves penetration of other oils into the skin or digestive tract.Top note aroma. 

Vanilla (absolute)

Stimulates vaginal secretions. In small amounts this acts as an aphrodisiac, however in high amounts it can be too sweet and may cause nausea. are must be taken if using in blends so as not to use too much and wreck the blend. It is very dark and due to being an absolute contains pigment. Vanilla absolute sometimes does not mix well with other oils, To aid in dissolving, mix with slightly warmed oil and shake rapidly. This usually is enough to hold vanilla in suspension for a long long time. Bass note aroma. 


Bass note aroma. 

Ylang ylang

Bass note aroma.