Herbs For Hangovers

1. Milk thistle (Silybum marianum)

When you drink alcohol, it is sent to the liver to be processed. The liver basically uses a set of enzymes to break down the alcohol into acetaldehyde, then acetate, and finally carbon dioxide and water. This process can be taxing on the liver. The main enzymes responsible for this are called cytochrome p-450, they are responsible for a myriad of other detox processes as well such as nicotine, and THC. Milk thistle is specific for improving this cytochrome p-450 system and can significantly improve the overall health of the liver as a result. 


2. Stinging nettle

After a night of drinking, our bodies have worked hard metabolizing,and expelling alcohol from our systems, this process results in a loss of electrolytes within the body. These electrolytes are necessary for our bodily functions, so when they are low our body will not function effectively until they are replaced. Stinging nettle, otherwise known as Urtica dioica is an amazing source of these electrolytes. By making an infusion or “tea” from this herb, it can replace most of the needed electrolytes drained from a night of drinking.


3. Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are very high in magnesium, this is important because a large amount of the common effects of a hangover can be attributed simply to low magnesium content (headache, irritability, muscle soreness to name a few). Just 100g of Brazil nuts contains roughly 376mg of magnesium, which is considered very high.


4. Coffee

There has been a lot of debate about the effectiveness of this morning staple on combating the negative effects that alcohol has on the liver. Some older articles say it only works by eliminating the dependency symptoms associated with coffee, which would then add to the negative effects. Newer research however has discovered that coffee actually offers hepatoprotective effects (liver protective), and help to combat the damage alcohol has on the liver. So keep drinking that morning hangover coffee!


5. Peppermint tea

Everyone knows that feeling of nausea, and stomach discomfort the morning after a heavy night of drinking, but have no fear! Peppermint tea is near! This herb is great for easing upset stomachs, and can significantly reduce the nausea associated with alcohol and virtually everyone has access to this common herb. Steep it long and strong for best results.