Cannabis and the Adolescent Brain | Brain Blogger

Cannabis can negatively affect the white matter in the adolescent (developing) brain. On a side note its interesting that these researchers deemed "heavy use" as those who used cannabis two times a month for 3 years... For those who do not know, that would be like calling someone who naps 2 times a month a "heavy napper". Not the best inclusion criteria but that does not invalidate these particular findings. from The Sunlight Experiment via IFTTT

Do Statins Produce Neurological Effects?

Evidence shows a decrease in neurological function in conjunction with statin drugs. Most of which come from oxidative damage. This is why it is especially important for those on statins to consume antioxidants on a regular basis. Try passionfruit, matcha green tea, coffee, or raw cacao for a huge supply of antioxidants. If your feeling adventurous try taking camu-camu. All of these are talked about in great detail at fyi. from The Sunlight Experiment via IFTTT