The ajority (90%) of cases involving hypertension has no identifiable cause. This form of hypertension is termed "essential hypertension". Other cases of hypertension that do have an identifiable cause is termed "secondary hypertension". [1]. 

The main cause for secondary hypertension is kidney disease, but can also be due to coarctation of the aorta, endocrine disorders, and pregnancy (eclampsia). [1]. 

Special Considerations:

  1. Rule out any causes of hypertension before treating as essential hypertension. 
  2. Never atempt to treat severe (170/110) hypertension with herbal or natural medicines exclusively. This is a medical emergency. 

Therapeutic Aims:

1. Promote Dilation Of The Blood Vessels


  • Vasodilators
  • Smooth Muscle Relaxants

2. Increase Elimination Through The Kidneys


  • Diuretics (Gentle)
  • ...

3. Lifestyle Changes

Reduce stress and anxiety, and promote relaxation through lifestyle changes, and relaxation techniques. Excercise regularily.



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Herbs For Hypertension:

  • hawthorn -cardiotonic
  • allium sativum
  • coleus - antiplatelt (use only coleus containing forskolin)
  • valeriana - vasodilator
  • olea europea
  • cramp bark - vasorelaxant, smooth muscle relaxant
  • dandilion - diuretic high potassium
  • tilia flowers
  • viscum album
  • Rauwolfia

Hypertension Sample Formula:

Dietary Considerations:


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Updated: May 2017

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