Justin Cooke

I am the creative directer, founder, and lead marketing strategist behind The Sunlight Experiment. I'm a professional herbalist, with a passion for technology, and the outdoors, and have seeked out ways to combine my passions.

I now build websites and help natural health businesses develop marketing strategies and find new clients or customers.

My background is in phytotherapy, emergency medicine, graphic design, and marketing. I hold two diplomas in herbal medicine and am currently working towards a Bachelor degree, I am a certified Emergency Medical Technician, inbound certified through Hubspot, and have spent the last few years as a proffessional copywriter to get me through school. 

I have experience with the web-building platforms Magento, Shopify, Squarespace, and Wordpress, as well as the Adobe Suite, and various other web and graphic design platforms. I use this combined expertise with the health indiustry, and understanding of marketing and design pronciples to organise and deliver a specialised service towards natural health practitioners, health food shops, health product companies, and other health related businesses to develop their brand, build their website, and distribute it to the world. 

You can find me on Twitter, or contact me directly below:

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