About Justin Cooke

[Editor-in chief]

Justin Cooke is a professional herbalist, medical copywriter, and avid hiker.

He's a co-founder of the digital marketing agency Gotu Kola Studio and managing editor of iSum, Daily CBD, and The Sunlight Experiment.

He first became interested in producing evidence-based content in the natural health industry in 2012 after finding frusterationwith the amount of poor-quality and potentially dangerous health advice circulating the internet.

He strives to constantly improve his own understanding of health topics, and present factual and helpful information in the field of natural medicine.



1. Bachelor of Health Sciences: Western herbal Medicine

Australasian College of Natural Therapies

2. Emergency Medical Technician

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology


Past Experience

Justin has spent time exploring the Amazon rainforest where he developed a passion for herbal medicine. He then traveled to Australia to complete a bachelor degree in the modality.

He now works internationally with supplement and pharmaceutical companies to produce new, innovative products, and educate their customer base on the science behind their products.

He's done research for startups in the nootropics, cannabis, pharmaceutical, and herbal supplement industries, and continues to provide evidence-based content for a number of different blogs including The Sunlight Experiment.




Currently residing in Vancouver, Canada

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