Lavado - spanish for “wash”, used in reference to yerba mate meaning the brew has become watery and needs to be replaced with new leaves. “The mate is lavado”.

Mate -  (also called guampa) is the gourd, or vessel used to prepare and drink yerba mate

Mate cocido - Hot coals atop a pile of yerba mate, and sprinkling sugar over the leaves, caramelizing the sugar, before the whole mixture is poured into boiling water.

Matero - Yerba mate enthusiast

Mborobire - Coarsely ground yerba mate.

Mineros - Meaning “mine workers”. This referred to early yerba mate harvesters in Paraguay, due to yerba mate being classified as a mineral during that time for economic reasons.

Molida - Finely ground mate, usually the finished product that is then packaged and shipped around the world for consumption.

Molinillo - utensil with a ribbed head, on a straight handle, used to form the foam in cacao beverages.

Palos - Small white twigs included in some yerba mate to enhance its flavor, providing added sweetness, and adds smooth flavor to the mate.

Palo santo - Bulnesia sarmientoi. This Amazonian wood is often used to make mate gourds, offering its strong, dense, and aromatic qualities. A gourd made of this wood imparts a smoky, pine-like taste to the beverage. Often found in Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia. The resin of this wood has healing properties of its own.

Pirarucu - Arapaima gigas. An amazonian fish. Its tongue was often used to grind the guarana “sticks” to then be made into a beverage by the Satere-maue indians.

Polvo - Meaning powder. This refers to the dust contained in Yerba mate preparations. Many companies will remove this dust, however in a small amount, this polvo will help the mate stick together, and impart added flavor, making the cycle last longer.

Ramas - Brazilian amazonian term for roasted whole seeds. (possible relating specifically to guarana).

Satere-mawe - A Brazilian indigenous tribe located in the Amazon. This was the first culture to domesticate, and cultivate guarana (Paullinia cupana).

Sin Palo - Yerba mate without twigs, some consider the mate is harsher without these twigs.