Tapado - Meaning clogged. This term refers to the bombilla used to drink yerba mate, when it becomes plugged. “El mate este tapado”.

Tarefeiros - Wild yerba mate harvesters.

Tauarí - a cigar rolled from tree bark, and often smoked along with the consumption of guarana. (Couratari tauari is the species)Terere - (portuguese) Yerba mate that is brewed cold, comes from traditions in Paraguay due to the hot summer months.

Secado - The process where yerba mate is dried over gentle heat, usually takes place after sapecado.

Sapecado - The process of cutting yerba mate branches, and holding them over a fire to halt the oxidation process from occurring, and discoloring the leaves during drying.

Xicalli - Nahuatl word to describe the hemispherical cups that cacao was drunk from.

Yerba canchada - Refers to the roasted, dried, and coarsely ground Illex paraguariensis “tea” that has not been aged further, or ground finely the way most yerba mate is sold.

Yerbales - Yerba mate orchards

Yerbateros - Wild yerba maté harvesters

Yuyos - Herbs and roots used in traditional remedies in Paraguay that are then added to yerba mate. Some examples include peppermint, cilantro, chamomile, etc.