Amazonian Terms and Conditions:

Amargo - “Mate Amargo” means yerba mate that has no additives, such as sugar, agave, honey, lemon, milk, etc.

Algarrobo - Common type of wood, aka carob, used to make yerba mate gourds in Argentina.

Bombilla - The filtered straw used to sip yerba mate.

Canchada - Coarsely ground yerba mate.

Çapó - Guarana stick, grated into water.

Casho - A traditional infusion of leaves from the Anacardium occidentale tree. Used to treat diarrhea, mouth ulcers, tonsillitis, throat problems, and to wash wounds.

Cebador - The person who prepares the mate in a mate circle.

Chimarrão - Brazilian term meaning yerba mate prepared in hot water without sugar.

Despalada - Mate without any stems. Synonym is “sin palos”.

Dulce - Maté dulce means sugar has been added to the yerba mate. Sugar is usually added before the hot water is added.