What Is The Sunlight Experiment?

With a background in emergency medicine, I quickly became aware of the potency pharmaceutical medicines have on the human body. The injection of even a miniscule amount of glucagon could instantly turn an unconscious, near-comatose person into an alert and functioning human again.

I then spent some time in the Amazon rainforest at an Ayahuasca retreat centre in Peru where I became familiar with the potent activity plants could produce on the human body...

...This confused me…

Here we are in the 21st century, where pharmaceuticals undeniably dominate the healthcare industry, they generally consist of single chemicals with well known mechanisms of action towards a given condition. Plants on the other hand, also made of chemicals, are seen to be ineffective in the mainstream health community. What is it that causes the activities of a pharmaceutical preparation to be stronger than the those taken from plants? Is there even a difference?

The difference between a pharmaceutical medicine and a plant extract is simply the chemicals involved. Plant extracts often contain hundreds of different chemicals, which certainly makes them difficult to study given that there are so many factors. Conversely, pharmaceuticals usually contain a single chemical which can be studied closely for its effects in a controlled experimental study. Both are made from the same elements, and can have the exact same effects in the human body.

The Sunlight Experiment investigates the biochemical activities of both pharmaceuticals and plant based medicine to uncover the unbiased truth behind these different forms of medicine.
I aim to find new and effective drugs to target the conditions we fall ill from as human beings... regardless of their origin. 

-Justin Cooke

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Our aim is to provide a quality educational and reference resource for practitioners and students of herbal and natural medicines as well as those in other medical fields interested in evidence based botanical therapies.  

We post weekly articles and blog posts, and conduct up to date research on various botanical and natural medicines. Find them in the medicine section of the website.


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