TSE researches evidence based botanical medicines, nutrition, and other natural therapies.

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The Sunlight Experiment is owned and operated by herbalist Juzzie Cooke.

Our aim is to provide a quality educational and reference resource for practitioners and students of herbal and natural medicines. 

We post weekly articles and blog posts, and conduct up to date research on various botanical and natural medicines. Find them in the medicine section of the website.

Where Did It Come From?

The Sunlight Experiment was developed to be a source of knowledge, and sharing of ideas and concepts based around botanical and other natural medicines. Current western medical systems do not place enough of an emphasis on the use of plant medicines, despite the high amount of scientific literature on the efficacy of such substances. We are dedicated to promoting a shift in this thinking, stepping away from current reductionist thinking, to promote a more holistic attitude towards medicine.

Originally from, and based out of Canada, our team is scattered the world over. We sip good coffee and sift through the scientific literature to find quality sources of relevant and applicable information on the amazing and evolving world of botanical medicine. 

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