Best Nootropics For 2017

Nootropics are growing to be a popular supplement for entrepreneurs, students, creatives, and humans in general for their ability to optimize productivity, memory, and problem-solving ability. For those who don't know what nootropics are, see our previous article on an introduction to nootropics.

Whether you're looking to get the most out of whatever your learning, improve concentration for boring or difficult tasks at work, or simply to be the most optimal human you can be, nootropics can be put to work for you. Depending on the desired effects, there are different supplements that will work the best for you. 

With a growing interest in these supplements among the population, comes a large number of new nootropic companies flooding the market. Some are good, many are not. With this article, we aim to point out a few of the better ones, and will outline WHY they are better as best we can. 

best nootropics for 2017

1. Qualia

top nootropic qualia neurocollective

Qualia is made by a company called Neurohacker. The supplement comes in 2 steps, and involves a whopping 42 ingredients. This is quite a lot when you consider that each one needs anywhere from 1 mg to a few grams to reach therapeutic doses. A normal "00" capsule only holds about a gram of powder maximum.

As a result, Qualia requires that you take around 9 capsules each time, taken once per day. That' a lot of capsules to take at a time! 

Despite having to spend nearly 5 minutes swallowing capsules in the morning, the formula is one of the best I've ever seen, and the high dosage is more than justified. 

This nootropic uses a beautiful blend of complex synergy. With 42 ingredients I couldn't possibly fit it all into this article. They use only the highest grade ingredients, and have a preference for naturally extracted herbal components.

Taking this many capsules of high grade nootropics doesn't come cheap however. A month supply is around $150 USD, or $130 USD with an auto-ship subscription service. This is a high-end nootropic for high-end customers. 

2. Nootrobox

nootrobox best nootropics

Nootrobox is one of the newer nootropics to the market. They've taken a different approach to nootropics by providing an entire line of nootropics that each focus on a specific aspect of brain health. They can be taken alone, or in combination, as all 4 supplements are designed to work synergistically if take at the right time each day. 

Rise is their daily nootropic, which is intended to be taken consistently everyday for long periods of time. It contains a blend of bacopa, alpha-GPC, and rhodiola. All herbal fractions are standardized to contain therapeutic doses of the herbs. 

Kado-3 is an omega-3, vitamin K, vitamin D, and astaxanthin supplement designed to support brain function. Omega-3 works to support cell division throughout the body and reduce inflammation. Kad0-3 uses a specific blend of 2:1 DHA to EPA omega-3 fatty acids in order to optimize benefits pertaining to the brain. 

Sprint is designed to improve immediate mental clarity and energy for around 6 hours duration. It is designed for short term, but high demand tasks. this is perfect for helping with that final push on a project, or cramming for a final exam. It contains caffeine, L-theanine, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vinpocetine, and L-tyrosine. 

Yawn is the last supplement by Nootrobox. As the name implies, it's designed to help with sleep cycles. it can be taken when needed, rather than on a daily basis like kado or rise. This supplement combines the sleep neurotransmitter malatonin, with the calming L-thanine, magnesium citrate, and glycine. 

3. Optimind

optimind best nootropic 2017

Optimind is an older nootropic. It has found much of its success from high-level members of academia, and wall street. The formula contains 12 different ingredients designed specifically to improve memory and persistence. 

The formula includes well known ingredients like GABA, phosphatidylserine, vitamin D, caffeine, huperzine-A, salbutiamine, vinpocetine, bacopa, and a series of amino acids aimed at supporting neurotransmitter production. 

It's an intelligent nootropic formula offered at an affordable price. There are a lot of nootropic formulas in this price range with low grade ingredients, unsafe additives, or sketchy op-out subscription services. Optimind is a safe bet for anybody looking for an introduction to nootropics with a solid formula, and great business ethics. 

4. Tru Brain

Best nootropics tru brain

Tru Brain as created a daily drinkable nootropic supplement! This is a usnique take aon an old concept, and comes at an affordable price. Flavored with monk fruit and blue agave, they go down easy. 

The formula comes in either caffeinated or uncaffeinated bversions, which is a great touch for this key ingredient. many people prefer to take their nootropics at night to assist dreaming or correspond with fasting states, while others enjoy the benefits of caffeine as a daily supplement. 

The way Tru Brain works it through a series of neurotransmitter supporting amino acids, 2 racetams (piracetam and oxiracetam), L-theanine, uridine, centrophenoxine, noopept, and magnesium. For those not familiar with many of these ingredients, there are a lot of heavy hitters in this formula. Noopept, piracetam, and oxiracetam are among the leaders in the nootropics industry, None of these ingredients come from natural sources, but have been shown time and time again to have a high level of safety, even with long term use. 

Magnesium, uridine, L-theanine, and a series of amino acids are intelligently formulated to support the effects of this potent nootropic formula. the one thing I would recommend when taking this nootropic is to add a dose of B vitamin complex to provide what I believe is the missing ingredient in this formula.

5. Alpha Brain

Alpha brain onnit nootropics 2017

Alpha-Brain is by far on of the leading nootropic brands on the market today, and with good reason. The company behind Alpha-brain, Onnit, is endorsed by Joe Rogan, well known podcaster, commedian, and UFC commentator. 

The formula uses a blend of botanical extracts like huperzine-A, cat's claw, bacopa, and oat straw. It then combines these herbal extracts with well known nootorpics like alpha-GPC, psterostilbene, vinpocetine,  and phosphatydylsterine. To round the nootropic supplement out further they add vitamin B6 and a series of neurotransmitter precursers and amino acids to optimize the rest of the formula. 

Acetylcholine levels are improved with a combination of huperzine-A to inhibit the enzyme that breaks this neurotransmitter down, and alpha-GPC to increase acetylcholine directly. Vinpocetine helps to improve blood flow to the brain, and phosphatydylsterine improves cellular communication in the brain. 

Herbal extracts with well known and diverse cognitive enhancing abilities like bacopa, cat's claw, oat straw, and huperzia serrata are added in therapeutic doses to act as a general tonic to the brain and reduce any possible side effects from the heavy hitters of this supplement. 

To cap it all off, this formula contains all of the main precursers to acetylcholine, serotoinin, and dopmaine production, along with the vitamin B6 needed to achieve this. Like any good nootropic, it contains a series of antioxidants like ptersilbene from blueberries, and herbal extracts of cat's claw and oat straw to prevent any oxidative side effects of neurotransmitter production. 

Overall this is a very well balanced formula. The chemicals included have previously been shown to have storng synergy with eachother. This is one of the most well rounded nootropics on the market. These guys really know what they are doing and take the time and effort to ensure their product is the best it can be. 

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