Oolong Teas:

Oolong teas are partially fermented (oxidized) Camellia sinensis leaves. Their are green oolongs (about 20-30% oxidized), and black oolongs (about 65% oxidized), signifying how much or how little the oxidization process was allowed to affect the leaves. Due to this tea being a combination greens unfermented, and black teas fermented, it provides qualities of both. Oolong in Chinese, means "Black Dragon", possibly due to the appeaance of the leaves while infusing in water. This tea can be made from smaller young leaves, or larger mature leaves. 

Taiwan has become famous for the quality of many of their oolong teas. 

 Taiwan Milk Oolong

Taiwan Milk Oolong

Huang Jin Gui

Means "Yellow golden flower". 


Shui Xian

Means "water sprite".


Taiwan Milk oolong


Tie Guan Yin

Named after the Iron godess of Mercy (Guanyin). This tea is produced in both China and taiwan, and is one of the famous of the oolong teas. The traditional brewing method it the gongfu style, using pottery teapots, and tiny cups that are sipped from.